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Polyes Q1 3d Printing Pen: Which Possible to Write in the Air – EastMachinery

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Polyes Q1 3d Printing Pen: Which Possible to Write in the Air – EastMachinery


The 3d printing pen is a pen which possible to write in the air, help you to liberate the imagination from the paper. If you feel that the two-dimensional picture is not vivid enough, want to make it into a three-dimensional object, it can help you to do. Polyes Q1 is the world’s first cool resin light-curing 3D printing pen with a number of patented technology, it is safe, green, environmental-friendly, and suitable for all ages. With this technique, we can draw three-dimensional physical graphics or structure rapidly. The pen has a bright market prospect, according to authoritative data, the expected market capacity of 3D creative pen is to be 10 billion composite market, it shows that a new age of blue ocean opportunity is coming!

Features of Polyes Q1 3D printing pen as follow:

1. Cool: Instead of using FDM technology, Polyes Q1 uses cool ink,thus avoiding dealing with high temperatures and unpleasant odors.
2. Colorful: Various colors, and free comnbination of both parts of the pen.
3. Mode Switch: Flexibility and easeof use in switching between the different modes.
4. Blue-Led: Utilizing blue LED which minimizes risk of injury to eyes, kids included.
5. Innovative: Hone children’s imagination and develop their creativity.
6. Portable: Portability and USB charge ensures convenience without the hassle and potential danger of cords.
7. Child-Safety Switch: The level sensor and child-safety swith prevent the eyes being hurt by the LED light; If you keep the switch on, the LED light will go out automatically once the pen is above ground level.
8. Template Different design patterns included for practicing.

Source: http://www.eastmachinery.com/guide/polyes-q1-3d-printing-pen-which-possible-to-write-in-the-air-eastmachinery-emc-246.html
More details can click http://www.eastmachinery.com/guide

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