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Before we get into the specifics of what fat burner ingredients to avoid, there’s one thing in particular you should look out for.
Proprietary Blends
This is a growing problem in the supplement industry and is due to a lack of transparency from the manufacturer. Proprietary Blends are a compound of many ingredients to make one ingredient.
This method allows companies the freedom of not having to state how much of each ingredient is in that blend, which lets them be withholding on effective ingredients, and more generous on cheap ones.
They usually describe themselves as some kind of ‘matrix’ or ‘formula’ on the factsheet on the back of the bottle. Be very wary of these as the lack of proper dosages could potentially lead to some rather hairy side effects.
Back to the ingredients
Remember those old fat burners we talked about? The dangerous ones focused on a stimulated high? Well, some of the ingredients that made them so potent are still in circulation when it certain fat burners.
They can be pretty intense, and known to cause side effects such as:
High Blood Pressure
Mood Swings
The main ingredients associated with causing this kind of trouble are:
From the Ephedra plant. It is a very dangerous stimulant that works with the heart and nervous system. Should never take more than 24mg a day, and should only be used for a week at a time. It is now illegal in the United States, and banned in all sports.

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